[play] tigers baseball


A few weeks ago, the Husband and I hit the road in pursuit of baseball, beaches, and beer.

Spoiler alert: we were successful.

On the third night of our California vacation, we ventured into Anaheim to watch the Detroit Tigers play the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Our seats were good, but not as good as the lens I popped onto my camera.

Throughout the game, I stayed in in auto mode, still getting used to the feel and the art of composition, letting myself focus on the action. Sometime around the 4th inning, Husband challenged me to catch a slide. Check.

My long-standing enjoyment of baseball has been cultivated to greater heights over the last seven years through my relationship with the Husband. He’s a fan in his own right, ever faithful to the St. Louis Cardinals. Last year we went to San Diego to catch the Redbirds in play; this year’s trip was for me.

I got to see my team live on the field. Even better, I got to see my team win. And while it’s not everyday that I get to see some of the game’s biggest current names – Pujols, Cabrera, Trout, Ohtani – at once, the best part of watching the game through my camera was being able to capture the details of the game – both the intensity and the smiles.

Baseball is their job. But it’s also a game.

The players are on the field and we are in the stands for the same reason – the love of it.

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